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    Wednesday, February 20, 2008

    Tzzzzzt POP Fizzle

    Keebler set my cell phone on top of a cup before bed yesterday evening, and sometime during the night, it fell in. He thought the cup was empty (kind of like how he thought the spot he put the camera on was flat and stable), but it had about an inch of water in the bottom.

    Yep, my phone spent most of the evening marinating.

    I drained most of the water out and tried to start it up. It turned on, but none of the buttons worked. I raged, cried, and pouted. Last thing I need is for two of my most commonly used (and hard to replace ~read: expensive~) three things to get fried for negligence.

    I swore that he would never again touch my laptop, on the off chance that his seeming inability to pay attention to his surroundings ruined that as well. I was exceedingly upset.

    Mildly traumatized, if you will.

    After a little while, he remembered what we did to save the ipod, and drug the food dehydrator out of the garage. (good thing we've been sorting out there, or we may not have known where it was.)

    An hour later, the phone works again, but I'm not taking chances. That thing is going to have every single H2O molecule evaporated before I use it again. For the next 24 hours, if you need to reach me, call Keeb's phone. His number ends in a 7 instead of a 6.

    Good thing it was only clear water instead of juice or something, or we'd've been seriously screwed, completely unable to fix it.

    In other news, we found an exact replacement for our camera for $120 on Amazon.com and I had $20 in gift certificates that I applied to the purchase. I also got a protective case for it for a few dollars on Ebay, just to be extra sure of this model's safety. We were unable to find the "spare" camera in the garage (it's missing vital parts, but works when they are replaced ~broken camera = parts reservoir anyone?~). We're still looking for the one we know is in the garage ~somewhere~. We should be getting the new camera by Tuesday, barring any unforeseen obstacles or ice storms.

    Somehow the predictions we read at Chinese New Year neglected to tell Keeb to stay away from all electronics...


    Anonymous said...

    more than a little traumatized you were!!
    I'm so glad to hear the dehydrator worked!!

    Zoe said...

    i really need a new cell phone. maybe i should send your hubby mine to play with!

    Whimspiration said...

    Okay, I was trying to be nice, but I was completely torn up about it.

    I'm getting better now that it is safely drying, and apt to continue working just fine for a good long time once it is dry.

    I'm still having withdrawals though.

    And not napping, like I should be. *chuckle*

    Rambleman said...

    Well, at least the phone does work again. Guess Keeb got lucky this time.

    moosie said...

    hey, i have been trying to get ahold of you. please call me.