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    Thursday, February 21, 2008

    Not The Only One

    For the first time in my 31 years, I left the lights on in the car when I went somewhere.

    Yep, we went to the library as a family for a fun little outing after Keeb dropped of his most recent batch of signed petitions and picked up his check.

    But you know me by now, I never do anything half-way...

    We were in the library for over four hours.

    Deaddest danged battery I have ever encountered.

    Our battery was so dead, that after being connected to a truck for ten minutes, all we could get out of the car was an exceedingly dim dome light and (our lovely helper said), a small click, once.

    Our samaritan took Keebler back to my mother's house after she deigned that her royal heiney coming to get us in the cold and wet was a feat beyond the realm of the merely impossible. They picked up our automotive tools, and both of the batteries we kept from Eeyore out of her garage, on the off chance that we could use one of his, good batteries, to jump the dead one, and if not, we could go check the dead one at the auto center down the block.

    Well, the auto center's repair shop was closed by the time they got back, and the batteries didn't do the trick. I couldn't call my mother back to beg, she'd had her mind made up, likely before I'd called her the first time, so I phoned my friends.

    Moosie was out house-hunting in a nearby city, and Faith was not feeling well at all. I didn't want to call and ask anyone for help, but I didn't know what else to do, so I ended up having Faith's husband on hold to take us home if plan C didn't work.

    Plan C: Have Keebler take all of his first, hard-earned paycheck from his new job, and spend it on buying a new battery for the car, plug that in, and see if it worked.

    While he was gone, the warm wifi place we had been sitting closed, and we had to make out way outside to the cold. At least there were tables, and I could still work, and the girls weren't overly upset by the opportunity to try and kill themselves by purposely sliding all over the ice that had accumulated on the sidewalk.

    Before Keebler returned, however, Faith's husband drove up and offered us a nice warm car to sit in while we waited. It was Faith's idea, he said, and what a lovely one it was too. The kids took him up on his offer of hospitality immediately, but my desperate need to be as productive as humanly possible kept me and my frozen-numb fingers out in the chilling wind for another 20 minutes until Keeb got back with the new battery.

    Essentially, the rest of the story is that Keeb got the car to work, now has no money, and we made it home safe and warm.

    We put the kids to bed, then headed out to get a bit more work done, and to schmooze with friends.

    Everyone I know had a really weird day today, in one way or another.

    I guess Keeb's not the only one who shouldn't be messing with electronics right now. *blush*


    Rambleman said...

    Geeze, sorry about the dead battery :-( However, you have good friends and am glad you all got home okay. *HUGS*

    lovelife said...

    sorry about the bad luck. hope it gets better

    Gooseberried said...

    That sucks! Car stuff stresses me out so much, I tell ya.