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    Friday, February 29, 2008

    Houses, Cars, Credit Cards, & Other Non-Necessities

    I've been calling around on apartments and houses for sale again, and I've learned that I really have a good chance of getting a home loan. I discovered the other day that credit checks for home loans don't damage your credit score, and I found that terribly exciting. *grin* So there is some visiting of loan offices that will be happening very soon.

    We also need to start looking for a new car. Poor Sheldon is on his last legs, falling apart at the seams, and we need reliable transportation, not to mention that he only gets about 12mpg. *sigh* He's a good car, not that he's anything like our Eeyore was, but reliable, and that's really saying something for a 77 Oldsmobile.

    In other news, both my credit and debit cards are either expired or expiring, and I still haven't received the new ones. I'm going to have to get on that and make tings happen, or I'm going to have one heck of a time getting things done next month. *chuckle*

    Most likely I'll be staying pretty stationary tomorrow though, and cleaning out my mother's back yard. Her landlord is coming back from vacation on Saturday, and wants us to have the area all cleared out by then. Good thing we'd gotten rid of so much stuff from the garage, or we'd have no place at all to put the backyard goodies.

    As always, there's so much to do...


    lovelife said...

    good luck on the backyard stuff. should be a nice day.

    Rambleman said...

    If you do decided to try for a home loan, I want to wish you lots of luck on getting a fixed rate loan :-)