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    Thursday, January 03, 2008


    On the 30th of December, and again on January 1st, I was on the news.

    The 31st was a news piece on Springfield's Freecycle(tm) group. We had just a little over 24 hours from the first contact from the reporter to be ready for the interviews. A mandatory two people for the reporter to interview, both of which had to be involved in the group in some way, and I had to have Keebler dig out the presentation board and fliers that we use for community events. Lucky for us, we can pull together on short notice, and both myself and my best friend Moosie ended up looking great on the local TV news, on two channels, and on the station's web site. You can view it here. *smile*

    On the 31st, Springfield had it's first night celebration, and I was one of three volunteer face painters in the Expo Center, the main venue for the evening's festivities. Faith's family took the kids out to enjoy the event, and Keeb and I manned the face painting booth. Everyone had a blast and went home exhausted.

    I did make it into the paper, and both Littlebit and I made it into the online extra photo gallery of the event (twice). The shots of her are beautiful and fantastic, while the images taken of me were of the prep of my "hair-hat", which at best looks a bit discombobulated, and at worst looks completely idiotic. Betcha can't guess which looks they caught me in? *laugh* But it's all in good fun. *grin* Such is the life of a children's entertainer.

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    Balph said...

    Thanks for the nice message, Christina! I am nothing if not circumspect, and I am not unknown to the muckety-mucks as someone who doesn't appreciate being fooled with.

    Anonymous said...

    I think it is fun that you were on twice!
    and here I thought I was your best friend.
    I thought your painting was the very best that was there that night. I hope the exposure brings you many new opportunities.

    Whimspiration said...

    A body can't have two best friends? I don't think I could honestly choose between my true friends as to which I liked best if my life depended on it.

    Somehow I knew you'd say something about that though. *wink*

    I just consider myself one exceedingly lucky gal, for being blessed with so many true friends.

    True friends really are the best kind, ya know. *smile*

    Anonymous said...

    I agree K, I was just teasing. The older I get the more I realize how huge a blessing true friends are.
    How could anyone have too much blessing in their life?