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    Thursday, January 31, 2008

    Fin: Absinthe ~ Transform The Mind ~

    Click image to make it huge for better detail viewing.

    I created this image from scratch, talent, and a few pieced-together and unscrupulously modified web images in Paint Shop Pro 6.02. It took me three days from beginning to end, with the final design concept changing several times in the last three hours.

    The text says "Transform the mind" in Czech. I chose that language because the absinthe pictured is made from a centuries old Swiss recipe in Czechoslovakia. I think it adds a lovely counterpoint to the image as a whole. (Technically, the translation says "tranform, transmute, change, and several other words that all mean basically the same thing.)

    If you want to translate the words yourself from the original Czech, go here. The strange little r with the v on top is located in the drop-down menu that has the o in it.

    Although I just found out about it just a couple of days ago, La Boheme UK Ltd. is holding this competition for its third year now. With over 50,000 people visiting OriginalAbsinthe.com and submitting their votes last year, it's popularity is growing rapidly.

    I could submit "either photo of an absinthe girl, absinthe green fairy or an image that involves Absinthe Original or Absinthe Original Bitter Spirit a marketing manner." I chose all of the above. *chuckle*

    I am hoping that the cartoonish style of the art (that is unlike anything anyone else submitted by far), along with the little details (the fairy version of the absinthe girl has less in her glass, some parts of the green fairy are in monochrome, the clear wings, the fact that the center swirl in the background image emminates from the tip of the absinthe bottle, etc) will kick up the opinion a few notches in the minds of the voters so that I can win. *grin*

    Voting started a while back, but the deadline for submitting an entry was today. I wasn't going to have you all go visit the site if you didn't have my creation as an option for your voting pleasure. *wink*

    So go check out the entries in this year's contest, and get your vote on!

    The image with the highest percentage of "excellent" votes wins. Regardless of the total number of votes a person has, it is the percentage of top-ranking votes to voter total that makes a winner. One vote per visitor per image only.

    The winning image wins a case of fine Czech absinthe, a chromium plated absinthe spoon and two traditional absinthe glasses, while the runner up will receive one 75cl bottle of Absinthe Original, an absinthe spoon and an absinthe T-shirt.

    Me wants an absinthe spoon!

    I don't know the exact style that will be given away, but every one of these types of specialty slotted spoons I've seen are just gorgeous works of art. The photo only shows four of the hundreds, maybe even thousands of designs that have been created over the centuries.

    I want one to carry around for when I have tea or coffee while out on the town.

    Too pretty!

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    Whimspiration said...

    I hear crickets in the comment box.

    That means everyone is off voting for my image to win, and has no time to type, yes? *grin*

    Rambleman said...

    Very nice. Well done. Good job. Kudos. Etc, etc, etc...

    Evil said...

    Have you though about doing more things like this and having them transferd on canvis or something to sell for peoples homes?
    I would hang that in my home, its classy, trashy, and mystical all in one. I love it.