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    Saturday, December 01, 2007

    We Did It ! & Other Revelations

    Well, the internet didn't quite explode, but I had a lot of fun! *grin*

    National Blog Posting Month has come to an end, and I have managed to post every day! Despite the erratic nature of the times of the posts, I've shared something new with you, reliably, for 30 whole days in a row, with hundreds of like-minded challenge-seekers.

    Among the thousands of participants, I discovered a plethora of fabulous new blogs, found many new bloggy friends, and met the goal. Hundreds of other determined bloggers have made it to the end with me; overworked, successful, and proud. My comrades in wordcrafting, I salute you.

    To those who didn't quite make it all the way this year for whatever reason, there's always next year! Another challenge, another day, whereupon many more of us will succeed through the power of determination, stubbornness, or just some strange form of lemming-like insanity that seems rampant on the blogosphere. *wink*

    Last year was my first attempt, and I missed a couple of days like most of us do when we first try, but this year I got it right, taking a few minutes or an hour out of each day to write something new or elaborate on something I had seeded earlier in order to create fresh content for you each day.

    I learned a lot this time around. A lot about myself, about other bloggers, about time management, and about prioritizing my goals. I've decided that I should meet the small goals first, then work my way up, and that no matter what else gets in the way, even homelessness, there is always a way to do what you feel is truly important. It's the most stable and reasonable way to truly reach, and then maintain my dreams.

    One down, millions more little dreams to go. Maybe next year, I'll commit to the ultimate insanity and do NaNoWriMo in addition to NaBloPoMo. With any luck, I'll be doing them both from our traveling home, our very own RV.

    In the nice time, you know where you can find me. *grin*

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