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    Wednesday, December 05, 2007

    Pooooor Eeyore

    We took our beloved little car to the shop yesterday, and had him checked out.

    Today we got a call from the mechanic telling us that it's be best to knock it in the head and put it out of it's misery.

    Yeah. *sigh*

    The car needs a new radiator, and at the very least has a busted head gasket. To get him running again, it would cost a minimum of $900. It could be worse than that, and the head could be cracked, which is really a need to buy a new car, even if our Eeyore was pretty new and worth several thousand dollars.

    He's not worth that much, even with his intrinsic sentimental value.

    I bought my little workhorse back in 2000 for $500 from a dealership. A great deal and fantastic achievement to say the least. He's worked good for me for many years and served us all well.

    He has moved several households, carried conduit and building supplies, a washing machine, a 17'cu upright freezer, tons of furniture, lots of camping gear, pets, hundreds of miles of adventure, and much love on his little rusting frame.

    Tomorrow, Eeyore, our dear and loyal friend, will make his final journey, ending his travels at the local salvage yard.

    His last trip was to take us to visit far-away friends.

    We will miss him greatly. Rest well Eeyore, you've earned your peace.

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    Rambleman said...

    Bye-bye, Eeyore :-(

    Sassy Lucy said...

    Rest in Peace Eeyore.
    My Tink, sits with a fried transmission right now...I feel your pain, my pocketbook does too as we are still paying for her.

    Stop by my blog later I have some bling for you.

    lovelife said...

    so sorry about your car.

    Real Live Lesbian said...

    Awwww..bye Eeyore! Love the name!

    Christina said...

    * Sassy Lucy,
    Thanks for the bling. I hope your Tink gets better real soon.

    * Real live lesbian,
    When I first got him, I said "He's not real pretty, and he's not real fast, but he'll get ya there.".

    It sounded so much like something Eeyore the cartoon character would say, that the name stuck. *smile*