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    Thursday, December 06, 2007

    Bodacious Blog Award

    Penelope Anne over at The Cafe At The End of the Universe awarded me this lovely bloggy award.

    This is a special type of award, that you get awarded, then award it on to others. Take some joy and pass it on!

    To fun and friends. To each other, sharing, supporting, and laughing through the pains and successes of life.

    Thanks Penelope Anne!

    I am giving this award to my know-you-in-real-life blogging friends. Without further adieu, Here's the list.


    Now I get to travel around and tell all these lovely folks in their comments that they've received this special reward.

    Pass on the love. Who do you know with a bodacious blog?

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    Anonymous said...

    You deserve it! :)

    lovelife said...

    O thank you I need that today. been a bad day but getting better.love you all.

    Rambleman said...

    Thanks Kryistina. And congats to all the other bodacious winners :-)

    Ameryeth said...

    Awww...thanks! I love you too. Sorry to hear about Eyeore's untimely demise. Let me know if we can be of help :)