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    Sunday, November 25, 2007

    Whooo Aaaare Yooouuuu?

    Who indeed.

    Red Monkey writes about cultural identification, what it means to have a place to belong, and the search for a heritage, when there is none to be found in your own family. Robin's family always said they were American, which led to a personal lifelong search for something that fit. It's a great read, and really made me think.

    We also say that we are American, but only because our family tree branches like Yggdrasill. I am Spanish, Italian, Scotch, Irish, English, German, and Native American. Keebler is Norse, Slavic, French, Scottish, Irish, Spanish, Polynesian, Egyptian, Native American, Greek, and a light dash of some Asian, such a small amount that they haven't properly traced it back yet. Ladybug's father is mostly English with a dash of French and German, while Littlebit's birth mother is English and Welsh. 100% muttbred. *grin*

    We adopt cultural traditions and recipes from all over, creating in our own family a sort of mashed cultural identity, which I deem very appropriate for who we are, the place this country is, and who/what all goes into it to make it what it is.

    We are all people, from all places, coming together for common goals. We are a blend of the best and worst of all cultures. We are American, even if we never achieve the goals that first brought us together.

    Who are you?

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