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    Monday, November 26, 2007

    Random Drive-By Gifting

    Moosie was driving around late last night trying to soothe her babies into sleep when she saw a house fire raging, and a woman standing outside in the rainy cold, wearing only her nightie and a pair of flip-flops. The woman looked to be close to my size, so I was called upon for a clothing donation.

    Well, we went through our clothes and slimmed everything down to the bare minimum a few months ago, and most of our remaining things have been stored in my mother's garage for quite some time, so this presented a problem. We did eventually find a shirt and slacks that I could bear to part with from my slim remaining wardrobe, and as a bonus, they were one-size-fits-most largeish, in really great shape, and matched! *chuckle* My mother donated a couple of coats to the cause, and Moosie dropped by to pick them up and deliver back at the fire.

    By the time she got back to the woman, someone had already given her and her husband coats (he had clothes), and had provided her with an umbrella. People can be great in a crisis. *smile* She couldn't use the coats, but was so very thankful for the clothes saying that she could really use them. Our Moosie assured her that she wouldn't loose everything in the fire, and gave her advice on how to get the smoke smell out of her clothes and linens. (a cup of Pine Sol added to the washload).

    There was the obligatory crying and hugging that happens when a person is standing by helpless and watching their world go up in flames, but there were folks, willing and eager to help, and that counts for a lot these days.

    It was a really great feeling to be able to help. Thanks Moosie, for thinking of us when you thought of others!

    I am a participant in NaBloPoMo.

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    Rambleman said...

    Glad that you and someone else was able to help that family. Poor things. Bless you.

    Moosie said...

    not lysol. its pinesol that you add in to the wash. fire victims is my weakness. we were so greatful for all the friends and strangers that helped during and after my parents housefire, i just want to pass it on millionfold.

    Faith said...

    right place at the right time for M.
    I'm glad you could help, what a great feeling.
    Are they going to need other things, should we freecycle for them?

    Moosie said...

    remember the family we tried to help last year when their house burned down Christmas day? and our stuff wasnt good enough for them? I am still a little bit down on that, but this lady was so greatful for the help. there was much crying and hugging. even if i just check up on her and ask if there is anything else we can do? i will look into it.

    Christina said...

    Yeah, that whole thing last year kinda sucked, but I bet that's what we get for responding to a call for help that was televised. *sigh* From what I'd heard from a friend of theirs later, they had just received so many donations of things that they didn't have room for anything else, so had to start turning things away.

    If you want to see if they need any other help, you are welcome to, but you know how little I have to give right now. :/

    Te phone company just turned off my cellular service. *boggle* They've never turned off my service for paying on the first of the month before (due on the 30th, but still!)

    Rambleman said...

    "Te phone company just turned off my cellular service. *boggle* They've never turned off my service for paying on the first of the month before (due on the 30th, but still!)"

    It seems you're just having trouble catching a break, huh? *sigh* Anyway, keeping you in my thoughts for 'things' to start looking way up soon. *HUGS*