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    Thursday, November 15, 2007

    Unforseen Returns

    When we left the old place, we abandoned Ladybug's old bicycle nearby for some other little kid to find and cherish. She had outgrown it, and Littlebit was still a bit too small for riding alone, so we decided to just get her a trailer-bike so she could learn to ride while we traveled as a family, riding in the city streets, and still be safe.

    We didn't tell Ladybug about our convenient loss, mainly because we weren't in the mood to hear her angst about it when we were already so stressed about moving when she already had another (bigger) bike of her own.

    Well, mother took the kids out shopping for a bit today and when they came home, they were all about leaping out of their skins with glee, and demanded that Keeb and I come out to mom's loaner car right away to share in the joy of their fabulous discovery.

    Guess what was in the vehicle?

    Yep, that danged bike!

    They told me that they were driving by a resale shoppe and saw it standing there and had to stop. After checking it out thoroughly, they told the curator of the shoppe that the bike had been stolen. They didn't know otherwise, and I hadn't said anything about it, so assumptions abounded I guess. The curator, being a kind and generous type, let my poor little girl have her beloved bicycle back.

    How sweet.

    Of course I just had to tell them what they had done as I laughed and wondered what in the flaming heck we were going to do with yet another extra bicycle.

    Anybody want a well-used and somewhat banged up 20" girl's bicycle with a sticker on the handlebar pad that says "perform random acts of kindness and senseless beauty"? It's got one tire flat, a stained and mangled designer seat cover, and a lovely thin coating of grime. What a deal!

    Trust kids to bring on the unexpected.

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    Lill said...

    I found your blog via gather.com. The bike story is so funny. We had the same problem with a wagon we put at the end of the driveway. The kids, who never put anything away, kept retrieving it and putting it away in the garage. We're unschoolers too.

    I like your writing style. I'll be back.

    Shine On,

    Real Live Lesbian said...

    Well....that bike certainly is tempting! : )

    Christina said...

    Lill, too funny. Amazing how kids suddenly become responsible at precisely the wrong moment. :P

    Real Live Lesbian, Yeah, I think it's that light coating of grime that really sells it. *chuckle*

    TheRambleman said...

    Funny story! But, we also have too many extra bikes that the kids won't ride for some unknown reason. *sigh*