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    Wednesday, November 07, 2007

    Cinnamon Roll Ettiquette

    Keebler and I got into a conversation recently, where he informed me that there was only one way to eat a cinnamon roll. He said one eats the spiral, following it around from the outer edge, eating it with a fork.

    I have seen people just munch them entirely in one bite, and I have seen them eaten straight through with no ceremony whatsoever.

    I eat my cinnamon rolls from the outside first, holding it in my hands, munching it all the way around the spiral until the last little curl, which I then pop into my mouth. This is the technique, no matter the size of the roll, except for those dorky cinnamon rolls in that one cereal, but that doesn't count because one cannot take those apart very easily, and I don't eat them anymore anyway because they shred the roof of my mouth, much like the popular piratey crunch cereal.

    How do you eat a cinnamon roll?

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    Dana said...

    I eat the soft, gooey center and give Allen the rest.

    faith said...

    I usually eat from the outside in with a fork. I don't think there is a wrong way to eat it actually. I use a fork because I don't like having sticky fingers. If I am getting too full and won't be able to finish the whole thing I stop what I am doing and dive to the best part in the center. I don't want to miss on the best part.
    Have you tried the new cinnamon melts at McD's? Supposed to be all centers of the cinnamon roll and nothing else.
    Now how about muffins? How do you eat your muffin? LOL I've had lots of discussions about that.

    TheRambleman said...

    How do you eat a cinnamon roll?"

    That depends on whether it hot and fresh or not. If it is, then I eat them with a fork, if they're cold, I eat them like a cookie.

    moosie said...

    wow dana, no offence, but that could so be taken in a sexual manner.

    lovelife said...

    LOL this so could be fun hehehe

    ok I will be good. i eat it from the outside in undoing it as I eat.

    Candace said...

    um? yum! how much do I want to eat that right now. Any way would work!

    Loralee Choate said...

    I eat them with my hands (Unless they are TOO sticky) and unwind them, saving the center for last. YUM

    Evil said...

    You eat it the right way. They should always be eaten with fingers from the outside in, the middle should be last cuz its the best.