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    Thursday, October 04, 2007

    Happy Birthday Keebler!

    Keebler turned 30 today!

    We went and grabbed that geocache today instead of waiting for next week, played in the fountain a bit, let Keeb and ladybug find the cache we found earlier, and spent some nice time as a family.

    Park day was great. I got to reconnect with some friends I haven't seen in a bit, met some new great folks, and learned that the YMCA now has Capoeira classes! Oooh boy fun! *grin*

    Haven't heard anything about the new place yet, so I'll be calling them tomorrow. Big plans include picking up some stuff from a Freecycle(tm) member, laundry, a trip to the store for paint supplies, an evening loft walk, then fire spinning on the square.

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