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    Wednesday, October 31, 2007


    Ladybug's Angstitude got in the way of her amusement recently, as her behavior caused her to miss all three parties we had planned on having her attend with us. Something about putting yourself at risk of illness or worse, smarting off, yelling at your parents, possibly endangering the family, and not doing your chores can really make for a negative outcome for planned fun. *sigh*

    Everyone kept asking about where she was, too. I'm thinking I should have just told them that she came dressed as the invisible man. *chuckle*


    TheRambleman said...

    Lately, unless there are going to be older/teens at whatever gathering we plan on attending, our DD just stays home.

    Moosie said...

    off subject, my net is down, didnt pay the bill in time, will be back on today, on wifi at school right now. how are you and cliff doing? you never posted if he came home or not. hope all is well. talk to you when im back on, cant even post to mod group, yahoo account is suspended so i cant log on without unmerging the account and i dont want to do that.

    Christina said...

    Moosie, Oh my goodness. I take it your phone is off too then? I was wondering what had happened to you. Thanks for keeping in touch. I'll let the other mods know wy you haven't been on lately. *hug* He did come back.