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    Wednesday, September 12, 2007

    Moving Along

    And we're still not sure to where we will be moving, but we packed two loads of stuff on over to my mother's garage.

    I also twisted my ankle and fell on my hip and knee onto the sidewalk from the bottom stair because I was too busy gaping at the decimation wreaked in our yarden by the overzealous lawnmower man (who darned well knows better, and has for over two years!) , instead of watching where I was going while walking down the back steps.

    My poor onions. My poor Honeyloupe. My poor corn stalks that we had pulled up and set out to dry for autumn decor! All completely shredded, dead, murdered. The bastard!

    Got some paperwork turned in at the housing place before the deadline, took Ladybug to the first class in her second set of writing classes at The Creamery Arts Center, and generally worked ourselves pretty hard to try and make up for the work-time we gave up for fun this last week.

    Ladybug has been spending a lot of time doing research and proofreading for her demonstration speech she'll be giving next month. If she keeps it up, this will be one heck of a great presentation.

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    TheRambleman said...

    Sorry to hear about your yarden. What a jerk! And your poor ankle,hip and knee. *HUGS* Not to mention (but am) your plants. Aw!