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    Wednesday, September 26, 2007

    High Stakes, Narrow Margins

    We have narrowed the choices down to about six possible places. Unfortunately, it looks like those possibilities may include moving out of Springfield. Not sure if we even could do that at this late point in the game due to paperwork restrictions, but a new twist has developed wherein we have been figuring Keebler's possible future pay based on a 40 hour work week, and we don't know exactly how many hours he will actually be getting. We may still be able to get the place we've had our eyes on for a while, but I'm not holding my breath.

    We had a family meeting this evening about what we wanted in a place to live. We have come to the conclusion that no matter what, we want an apartment that has a pool, good light, it's own separate outside entrance, and a washer-dryer hookup. We can do this!

    In other news, we found our third geocache after we dropped Ladybug off at her writing class. The Hoosegow is ours! (even if it was really, really wet) So that's one for the family as a whole, one for Keebler, and one for me on the who found it first in our family records. Really, I should have let Littlebit claim this one as her own. I think she could have done it with a little guidance.

    Two days left to find a place and get the paperwork turned in.


    Panda said...

    Looks like I finaly made it through all your blogs. Go me!!!

    I got so confused towards the end. But found some how I skiped a month, then I was readin backwards and well i was all messed up.

    Anyway I hope you find a place.
    maby you can get an appt that will let you rent month to month untill you find a place you love.

    Good luck
    Hugs and Snake Bites

    Whimspiration said...

    Yaaay for you! :D

    TheRambleman said...

    "In other news, we found our third geocache..."

    Congratulations! WOO-HOO!