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    Saturday, September 15, 2007

    Can't Say I Didn't Try

    I got no sleep last night. Okay, I got about an hour. I think my body just finally ran out of adrenaline and gave up.

    I am physically ill from all the stress and lack of sleep. Can't keep much food down, weak, achy, dizzy. This is not something I need when I am trying to move.

    Dropped in on the landlord's office this morning like I promised I would and tried to get them to cancel the lease. We rewrote quite a bit of stuff, and it looks a lot better now, but I am still very not happy. I still left the key at the office, I am still wanting out of the lease and out from any and all association with this company aside from what I am legally obligated to do in order to make them honor their legal responsibilities to me. Likely they will keep my deposit no matter what I do, but I don't care anymore. Heck, I may even conveniently forget to shampoo the carpets for them. Dirty carpets are considered normal wear and tear, and are not deductible from a security deposit.

    If I am forced to break this lease, it will cost me a whopping $5000 or so to pay them for all of the rent owed for the lease term. Of course my amount owed is entirely dependent on when he finds another tenant for the unit, at which point I am only obligated to pay him his "lost rent" from the unit being vacant. The place is highly desirable right now what with the roof fixed, the driveway repaired, and new carpet and windows, so it should only take a month or less to find a tenant for. Then again, I wouldn't put it past the landlord to purposely not lease the place for a year in order to play get-backs as much as possible, but I positively refuse to rent from him ever again. He is a sneak, a cheat, and a con man.

    I have to go back on Monday morning first thing and see what I can work out about all of this. In the nice time, I will be figuring up how much I paid to the landlord and how much HAS paid to him for my time in this unit so that I can make up a spreadsheet accounting for each and every month for the last three years and give it to them to sign/notarize/whatever so that I can finally file taxes.

    We will be off of housing assistance within two months at most according to my calculations, and I plan to be paying the full cost of rent on something I like, with low electric bills, not just something I settled for out of desperation that costs nearly the same as it's rent in utilities.

    On the other hand, I do know where we are going to live, and while it is an apartment complex, it is nice, has a small outdoor play area and a pool, is close to Keebler's new workplace, and the staff is friendly and reliable. I know the management company, and they are literally the best in the area. Even better; I can pay my rent online! Yaaay!

    Now I just have to remember to tell housing I changed my mind, cancel the inspection, ask them for a bit of advice, and get a new set of green papers for the new landlord. I know above all, that I must put down a deposit and get approved for the new place before I get the lease broken with the current landlord. Last thing I need is him badmouthing me or trying to put a negative mark on my credit before I get approved elsewhere. Not that I think he even knows how to mess with people's credit, but still.

    Sometimes worry can be an asset.

    We've called on the friends who have offered to help us move, and we plan to use the two offered trucks, the van, and the cars to move everything out of the house and the sheds all in one day. It can be done. *grin* I envision about three trips with the fleet, maximum. 'Course I could do it in two trips with a moving van, but who's got that kind of money?

    I also have to figure out how I am going to both move and take the girls to the 1860's lifestyle expo at the park tomorrow morning. *boggle* We will find a way, we almost always do.

    *sigh* There is still so much left to do.


    TheRambleman said...

    Well, sorry to hear of your not feeling well. I'm sure it's the stress of everything happening right now. *hugs*

    Whimspiration said...

    I'm sure it is stress too. *agree* That and maybe a bit too much playing in the rain last week added to that deliciously lovely cold snap we had. *chuckle* Things'll be much better once we are finished with this mess. :D