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    Monday, August 06, 2007

    Policy Change for Giggles

    A largely unregulated online seller's market has decided to change their policy about guns again. Apparently, banning complete guns from their site wasn't enough, now they are banning certain parts for guns as well.

    As an act of rebellion, someone posted an adorable reply to the new policy change, and I got a great giggle out of it.

    Disclaimer: If you hate guns, want to ban all forms of weaponry, or dislike simple name-calling, please don't visit. There are no curse words on the following site: Otherwise, have fun!



    Swrdsong said...

    oh my... how interesting... he forgot to mention how some rocks "Dress Up" and Masquerade as Snowballs... These rocks are already under the protection of Alternative Rock Lifestyles..and cannot be regulated as this would be discrimination.

    Whimspiration said...

    *giggle* That's rich!

    Did you read the questions to seller? What a hoot!

    You should send him your statement, just to add to the hilarity!