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    Wednesday, August 08, 2007

    Like A Bad Case of Hiccups

    My birth certificate arrived via UPS yesterday. I called my mother to take me to get my insurance card and licenses for both the car and myself. Unfortunately, it cost me a good 45 minutes at the insurance office, and the DMV was closed when we got there. (the package arrived mid-afternoon)

    Fast forward to today whereupon we embarked yet again to attain said licenses. Nothing could stand in my way, I had all of the paperwork in order. After a small bout of cleaning out the shed before it got too hot out, I called my mother to take me on my assigned duties. She said that she wanted to run a few errands while we were out, and I know what that means. All day out with my mommy isn't exactly my idea of a great time if you get my drift, and that's usually what that means. I told her that, and said I'd call her back if I couldn't find a better option. After a couple more hours and a few phone calls, I ended up calling her back. *chuckle*

    Let me say to begin with that the DMV on south Fremont street is great! *grin* Mom dropped me off at the bureau and went to attend to her business, anticipating that I would likely be a while. I wasn't. With four windows open for autos and two running for driver's, the office ran smooth as honey. I got the tags transferred to Eeyore, ordered two replacement titles (one for each car), and then went on to get my pretty face stuck on a new card for my wallet. That's where the first hiccup happened. Somehow I didn't have the requisite $20 in cash to pay them. They don't take debit or counter checks, so I emptied my entire purse out right there on the counter, and started counting change. I came up almost exactly 25 cents short. Damn! But that's okay, because the teller had some change in her purse (bless her), and with my few pennies and her generosity, we made the full fee. I'm sure this is exceedingly rare, if it ever happens at all besides just this once with me, but it was still amazingly cool! During the photo taking, I got to decide if the shot was what I wanted, which was cool, but I still think I should've worn my hair up (or changed the style for the shot) because I don't really like how the image turned out. On the other hand, it is probably for the best, as any officer who took my license with a shot of me grinning broadly and my hair in a crown formation would likely try to go "hard" on me because I must be a serious smart alec to get my DL photo looking like that. *laugh* Meh *shrug*

    Outside the office I waited for a good 10 minutes before my mother finally showed back up (not too bad considering), and she drove me on home. I had errands of my own to run.

    Eeyore wouldn't start. We plugged him into the house with the charger and jumped him from the house current, then drove on to Valdemart to return some things. Some silliness, a bit of unplanned school shopping, and a lovely 45 minute conversation with a complete stranger (no more, now we're friends!) later, we paid and left the store to continue our trek about the south side of town. Well, we tried anyway. Eeyore wouldn't start. The lovely lady at the auto center checked the battery and said it was fine. We tried to jump him with their machinery and the starter solenoid started smoking. Lovely!

    On the phone again, yet again calling mommy to "rescue" me from my ill fate. Can she come get me? Of course. Give her 30 minutes and she'll be right there. Can she take me to the parts store? Absolutely! Unfortunately they're closed. *growl* So home again we forge our path, as there is yet more work to be done. Worked a bit on my computer, cleaned out some closets and a dresser we're getting rid of, then set down to blog.

    It's been one heck of a day, resembling nothing so much as a bad case of hiccups. (Thanks to a friend on Gather for that phrase)


    lovelife said...

    you never call me for a ride if I have the gas in the van I can take you where you need to go but no never a call lol

    TheRambleman said...

    Hope you get your car fixed soon.

    Whimspiration said...

    Karen, you KNOW how I hate to ask for favors!

    Of course we DO have to get together sometime. I misses you guyses! :D

    Should have the car fixed in the morning.