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    Thursday, August 23, 2007

    Make That 8 Truck Loads & a Steaming Pile of Blah

    We've shed another truck load of stuff from the house again as of today, and we still have more to get rid of.

    Looked at the last steaming shithole the landlord had to offer, and decided that the high crime rate, lack of air conditioner, proliferation of sexual predators, and flooded basement reeking of mold & mildew just wasn't going to cut it for us. No clue where we're going to go now. Looking at some decent apartments, selling the rabbitry, giving away the rats and selling their cage to make it easier to find a new place to live. We'll miss them all; bunnies, and ratty babies, but desperate times...

    We have cut down our household to about 40 small boxes so far and are still whittling. Of course we're still not done packing yet either.

    The tomatoes seem to all be dying, the zucchini has blossom end rot, and the corn is just standing there. I'm assuming this has a lot to do with too much heat followed quickly by too much rain. Not much we can do about it now.

    Can't really seem to find it in me to care too much either, especially with us planning on leaving so very soon. I'm really going to have to find a home for some of these fish and plants, everything is growing so well in it's pure & natural environment.

    I am drowning in a fount of apathy, with varying waves of anger, indignation, near-paralyzing fear, and misery playing across the surface of my life.


    lovelife said...

    I am so sorry that you have to move after all your hard work that you have put in to the place.
    all my fish but 1 has died but now I have the water right so hope to get more fish soon.
    hope all goes better for you all soon. call if you need any help or just need to talk.

    Cazzq said...

    Don't feel all that negative feelings. You know what they say there is a rainbow after the rain. Not just that you'll move in to your new place soon enough, and after that put your feet up, look back and say, I guess it was worth all the troubles after all :)

    Whimspiration said...

    Thanks Cazzq and Lovelife, Right now I am wiffling between despair and supreme optimism. That happens when I'm on a precipice like I am now. Uncertainty plays havoc with my emotional state.

    Lovelife, I have some fishies for you to replenish your pond with! *grin*

    Everything gets better eventually, even if it gets worse first.

    TheRambleman said...

    I know you must be feeling a bit overwhelmed, and that you're STILL having problems finding a place to live. I hope the PERFECT place just POPS-UP for you. *HUGS*