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    Wednesday, August 15, 2007

    Automotive Fun

    Contacted the new mechanic and we have instructions on how to test things to see what's going on. He'll be down tomorrow to have another look-see and we'll figure out what happens from there.

    In other auto news, we're still working on prettying the car up so he looks nice, even though he isn't running right now.

    Heck, at least he's legal to sit broken in the parking lot, right? *snort*

    It's either laugh or cry at times like this, and I choose to laugh. Looking back on it it'll be a funny story, might as well try not to fret too much about it now either.

    Trying to find rides to two separate, yet overlapping homeschool activities tomorrow, and be here for the mechanic. Not quite sure if we can do it all, but I plan to do my best, durnit! *grin* Even if we have to leave Cliff or I here with the car while the other person takes the kids to fun, we'll do it. Most of it's gotta happen somehow. Now to figure out the logistics.

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