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    Wednesday, August 15, 2007

    All the news that's fit to miss

    Last night my Internet went down before I got a chance to blog. Not sure what happened, but Keebler went and fiddled with all the stuff and now it's back on. *grin*

    Finally got the carport and yard darned near perfect and took pictures of it all for the landlord. Editing the photos into something pleasant today and printing them so when I go to talk to him, I'll have a nice pretty place to show him. Here's hoping stuff in the carport was why he was asking us to leave, and he can trust me that I won't put anything but transportation (bikes, trailers, wagon, cars) in the carports again enough to let us stay. *crosses fingers*

    Gave away an entire truckload of perfectly good stuff on Monday. Likely could have made a couple of hundred dollars off of it if we'd had a yard sale, but I'm not in the mood, it's too hot, and we're running out of time. Already we have another 7 boxes of good stuff that needs a new home, and we're still not done sorting! All of the closets except one are completely cleared out now, and the house looks no messier than when we started. That's got to mean we're making some progress, right? *chuckle*

    The car died again, this time it sounds really electrical, like dangerously so. Here's hoping we can get it fixed again for not much money so we can get on the road again for the important stuff. This is starting to get really annoying. Already we've had to beg rides from Faith, and it is looking like we may be begging rides from other people as well for upcoming homeschool activities.

    The kids had a great time yesterday, separately without each other around for a change. Littlebit had about 2 hours of funschool, and I think I've finally found a method that she really enjoys. Ladybug & I went to pick up the free school supplies (thanks to Faith's generosity in giving us a ride up there) for the girls, and we got some nice newish clothes as well. I'm just about ready to give away all of the nonworking desktop computers in the house instead of fixing them, as there seems to be a pretty good rotation on the one working machine besides my notebook. We'll see how that goes.


    Irish Mike said...

    If any of those computers you're looking to get rid of have working power supplies and/or DDR SDRAM, I'd be willing to take 'em off your hands for ya.

    TheRambleman said...

    It definitely sounds like you're making progress on getting the place all spiffy and clean. Good job! Sorry to about the car though :-(