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    Saturday, July 07, 2007

    Farm Work La dee da

    Yep, workin' on the farm here, editing images, looking for fonts, getting new products printed out and all sorts of other business. Woohoo.

    Ladybug is gone off with her biodad for the weekend, and nobody wants to do the dishes. It's her chore (that she didn't finish before she left), and everyone else is so busy doing their chores and getting ready for the open house that there seems no time to do other stuff. *sigh* It has been a busy week, and me not feeling well has really put a damper on our overall productivity.

    Jeez,I'm going to have to start getting some relaxation in, as my blog is starting to sound like some teeny-bopper's whiny myspace blog. You deserve better than that. Heck, even I cringe reading some of these past entries recently.

    Where has all my quality gone?

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    TheRambleman said...

    Just wanted to say that you shouldn't worry about sounding like a "teeny-bopper's whiny myspace blog". For one, sometimes it (whining) gives a sense of what real life is about, makes us see you as a human. *hugs* I don't have a "for two'. *grin*