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    Tuesday, June 19, 2007

    Growing Up

    Ladybug made me so proud Saturday. Instead of playing when I went to run an errand while the farm stand was open, she got to work building/framing the stone walkway we are going to build soon.

    Now this wouldn't usually be an amazing thing or anything, but her reason was what got me. (I was told this tale when I returned of course.) See, she has always heard me talking about how it looks to our visitors if say, the kids are arguing during a farm tour or some such, and she thought of that before she started stacking rocks.

    Her reason for "working" in the yarden was that since the farm stand was open, it would look better if the farmer's kids were doing something productive rather than splashing around in the pool! *grin*

    And here I was, thinking that the time might never come when she thought of doing something for someone else for no other reason than to be kind. At the least expected moment, and right before she "teens" no less.

    She's also been asking me about how she can plan for her future success and what she needs to do to prepare so that she will be able to live comfortably after she moves out of my house... Of course I told her that she would need to study, and gave her a list of the things she would need to know and master in her education in order to make that happen since she seems so driven right now. I also told her that right now there is still time to be a kid while she works, and that worrying isn't something she should focus on, but it made me feel good to know that she is thinking about these things anyway.

    I have a feeling she's going to turn out just fine. *smile*

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    TheRambleman said...

    Yes indeedy, it certainly sounds like she's growing up and will be all right. Happy for you both!