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    Monday, May 07, 2007

    Heat Exhaustion

    Wow I had a great time volunteering at Artsfest today! I'm really glad that I found that sunscreen on the ground on the way there too, or I'd be writing in crispy agony right now. *chuckle* Even with my dark skin tone, plenty of drinking water, and SPF 50, I am still burned from a day in the sun.

    Ran errands and visited friends, then came home to discover that channel 33 local news had another news story about Freecycle(tm). One of these days I'll know about it in advance, and know when it is going to be aired. One would think that the group owner would be the person to contact, but that doesn't seem to be tha case at all. I'm not looking for any glory, but geez, don't you interview the closest to the top of the food chain about an org or some such as common practice? It just strikes me as wierd. And I really wish I could have seen the report/newsbyte.

    I need a shower and some good sleep. Photos and more news on my birthday tomorrow. *grin*

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    lovelife said...

    Hope you have a happy birthday.