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    Tuesday, April 17, 2007

    A New Record!

    4 days without posting. *sigh* I swear I haven't been lazy, I've just been busy. And inordinately tired for some bizarre reason too. I wish I knew why.

    Let's start from the top over the last week or two that I've missed telling you about.

    We looked at a piece of property in Ava, around 16 acres worth, and we're basically in love. As soon as we get a high MPG vehicle and they get the driveway put in, we can begin work on bettering the place to where it will pass a housing inspection so we can move in and begin the real work. Finally, my own farm! (it's a rental, but still) Projected move-in date: sometime after harvest this fall.

    Someone on my local Freecycle(tm) list offered a Corgi/Collie mix girl and boy set, and I about died with the wanting of them. I'd've just wanted the female (I love girls dogs, there's more puppy tummy to pet), but the owner said she wanted them to go together if at all possible. I called my current landlord and he said no dogs in apartments, so thought that my dreams of a Corgi were again dashed, but then I went over to a friend's house and there she was! She is the calmest, sweetest little thing, and snuggles very nicely, as well as already knows a few commands and minds instantly. Farm dog extraordinaire! So at least I got to say hi to the puppy I couldn't have, right? Then I hear them talking about how they have too many animals, and need to slim down what they have because they are at the city's limit on how many dogs they can have since getting the Corgi. After a while it comes out that I wanted the dog, but that I couldn't keep her at my house, and about the upcoming move to property where she will be happy, healthy, and a true working dog like she was bred for, and they offer to keep her for me and take care of her until we move!!! *squee* Oh the happiness. But don't tell the girls, they don't know yet. *grin* It's going to be a surprise when we move.

    Seedlings are mostly doing well. A lot didn't come up because they were old seed, and we lost a few to improper watering practices, but things are going alright now. The rooftop garden is slowly moving along, and the potatoes are thinking about coming up. Planting of starter pots continues unabated, and we got the onion sets into the ground right before Easter.

    My Freecycle(tm) group is going to be in this year's city-wide Earth Day celebration, so I have been all in a dither getting ready for that. From asking for things on the group to creating coloring and activity pages, we're making a big deal out of this, 'cause we want it to be great! The fee for the table was $25, but I bartered that away pretty easily by offering to do face painting at our booth during the event itself. Lots of great ideas are coming in, and I can only hope that we can manage to do them all (and have the room for them too). *chuckle* One of the amazing group moderators printed off a bunch of stuff for the table today while she was at work, and a member offered us a bunch of pens to Freecycle(tm) from the table.

    The housing questions that were up in the air have now been answered to every one's satisfaction, and it is again established that I adore my landlord for good reason. He will get seedlings again this year as a thank-you gift for just being his cool self, but I think this time I will give him something decorative instead of food-bearing. I'm planting money plants right now, so that should be a fun addition to his office's indoor garden. :)

    We were driving all over heck and back until we ran out of gas. Well, not completly out of gas, we could probably make it to the hospital in an emergency, but that's all I'd risk it for. Then we got a flat tire, so there Sheldon sits in the carport, all alone... Keebler is going to change the tire in the morning.

    The kids have started going to an acting & improv class, and that is proving to be a lot of fun for them. So much fun in fact, that they simply forgot to come straight home after class or turn on the cell phone, or call mom when the class was over today! The parents (all of us involved) were horrified when they didn't come home in time, and we couldn't reach them on the mobile phone... We'll see if I ever let them walk to school again!

    The incident above, combined with extreemly low blood sugar and a ton of stress from the last-minute deadline made me exceedingly edgy and I wnet off on my poor Faith. I feel so bad, and I'm simply mortified that I said the "F word" to her. I know she will forgive me, because that is the kind of person she is, but I winder if i can ever forgive myself for being so offensive. It doesn't matter if I was crazy at the time, I was wrong, and I hurt a very dear friend. *sigh*

    Another person I know died recently. Last week my friend J.J. Davis passed from this realm due to an overdose of sleeping pills. I hadn't been traveling in the same circles as him for the past several years, but now that he's gone I feel the absence in my heart. I missed the funeral today due to a small error in communication. But I was there in spirit, even if I didn't get to be there in person.

    The house is getting a serious cleaning for spring and the upcoming rearrange that I have had planned for the last few months.

    It is late and I am exhausted. I cannot think of anything else to write, and I hurt all over, even my eyes and brain. It is time for bed.

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    lovelife said...

    Hi just wanted to say that you know who is doing just fine. Stop in and see her when ever you wish. She is so cute.
    Glad I can help you out.
    tell the kids hi from me. have a good rest the week.