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    Saturday, April 21, 2007

    Mixed Media

    After quite a bit of panicking, many late nights, and a LOT of work and effort from everyone involved, we pulled it off. Earth Daty was a resounding success, with many contacts made for both Freecycle(tm) and ArtFoodFun.com. *grin* As with any long day at an event in a loud place, there were times of stress, worry, or just outright exhaustion, but it was all worked out in the end, and everyone had a wonderful time. I know what I would have done without the volunteers, anon donors, and other moderators that helped out with the tables; I would have failed miserably. I may have been able to do it without them, but it wouldn't have been nearly so nice as it was. *smile* Thank you!

    The Freebee was fantastic, with a great turnout and steady stream of participants all day long, including the channel 33 news team, who dropped by to interview the owner of the shop it is being held in. We don't know when that will be aired, but rumor has it that it will be later this coming week. I'm going to check in with them shortly to see if they need any additional information and to see when the airing date is.

    Sadly, were too busy to go to a much anticipated home school event today because of all the other things we were doing, and missed seeing our dear friends again before they left state because they were too busy packing to make it to the Discovery Center. Tomorrow doesn't look much more relaxed than today has been, either. Lets hope it is as much fun and less stressful, 'eh? That would be a step up even if I still don't manage to get any rest.

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