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    Saturday, April 28, 2007

    Mercury Must Be In Retrograde Again

    Because communications of all sorts pretty much sucked today. I think I am coming down with something, and I feel horrible. I'm nearly constantly waiting for someone to tell me when and where to be next, when all I want to do is go and get things done instead of waiting around all the time. All the lines are crossed, and my brain hurts just trying to understand it enough to write this tiny amount about it all. *weak sigh*

    On a brighter note; Ladybug has realized that her cell-phone is an amazing luxury that is well worth the few chores she has to do and going to bed at least when the adults do. *chuckle* She did three loads of dishes today!!! *mock faint*

    Despite Mercury's best efforts, all is still well and good, things were straightened out and understood on all fronts, and we will all keep on keeping on.

    Here's a *Huge Hug* for you to chase away the spring blues.

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    TheRambleman said...

    You wrote: "I think I am coming down with something, and I feel horrible."

    So sorry that you don't feel well, I know it sucks when I don't. *hugs*

    Yay for Ladybug! :-)