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    Friday, April 27, 2007

    InThe Land Where Valerian Root Is King

    I sleep, restful sleep, and awake refreshed! Give thanks to whoever makes you happy, but I finally got a decent night's rest last night. *grin*

    After waking, I worked around the house a bit, bossed the kids around, made chili, sold some seedlings for an unschooling friend, and visited with my Faith for a bit before checking the email and getting back down to work on the web site.

    Even the daytime was more relaxed and calm.

    Lordy how I love getting good sleep!

    In other herbal news, the government is trying to make supplements and the like illegal, and they're only taking comments until the end of the month. If they get their way, even growing herbs that can possibly be used medicinally can get one tossed into jail. (spaghetti will never be the same without oregano) *sigh* Be sure to stop on by over where they are taking comments and leave one in support of keeping herbs, supplements, juices, vitamins, teas, and even certain foods legal.

    Visit NewsTarget.com for further information and click the link to speak out directly to the FDA before it is too late!

    I'm begging you, for everyone's sake. This is the single most important thing I have ever asked of you. Please, speak out before the deadline on April 30th. When you are done with that, contact your senator and congressperson via email (and telephone if possible) as well. You can never be too sure that your voice will be heard with only one action.

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    Andrea said...

    You have got to be kidding! So it's okay for the Chinese to put poison in our pets food and it's okay for hogs meant for human consumption to be fed the recalled pet food and then slaughtered and eaten by humans but it is not going to be okay for me to grow or buy herbs?

    FDA= Fucking Dumb Asses