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    Tuesday, April 24, 2007

    Laid Back

    Dyed the girls' hair. They wanted varied streaks. I'll see if I can get them out in the bright sunlight tomorrow so I can get a photo of the color difference. It's pretty subtle if you don't know their natural colors, or they are in dim light.

    My back hurts a lot from wasing, rinsing, washing, rinsing, dying, rinsing, drying, dying, rinsing, dying, rinsing, conditioning, rinsing... *pant pant* Multicolored streaks are a real pain in the spine, let me tell you!

    We also cleaned and filled up the CNG swimming pool, and the girls, being unable to contain their excitement, donned their swinsuits and lept into the ice cold water. *laugh* The screeching was hilarious, but thet were determined, so stayed in the water splashing eachother and giggling until their legs went numb.

    Keebler started making a cover for the pool to keep tree debris out of the water, but got distracted with watering the yarden (the onions are up!) and caring for the bunnies, so I guess that is left for another day yet again.

    Ladybug is "too good" to do dishes and so wants us to live in eternal filth. We'll see how that turns out after this week is over. Already her little sister is getting new chores because she is more mature, trustworthy, and capable, but ladybug thinks that work is beneath her or some crud. Let's see if her mobile phone is important enough to her to get her to listen. *evil mommy grin*

    I've been trying to go a bit easy on her for the last couple of days because a friend of hers is loosing her grandfather and is having a really tough time of it, while another close friend has lost a family member as well. Ladybug is playing counselor and spending a lot of time on her phone in order to be there to support her friends, but enough is enough. My household will not suffer because her heart is so big. Some things still need to be done, no matter how busy one is.

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