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    Wednesday, March 28, 2007

    Setting Sail

    William H. Becker ceased his suffering at 9:35pm March 27th 2007.

    A pragmatist, he wanted us all to get on with our lives once he was gone instead of sitting around getting all soggy-faced.

    He goes on to join his son in watching over the family, and will spend many carefree days playing with the many dogs that have gone ahead of them and reminiscing about old times with friends and family that I never got the chance to know.

    My first thought was "Oh thank Gods it is over, his trials are over". My second thought was "Now I'll never get another chance to take a picture of him making faces at the camera as soon as he sees it aimed at him.", then I started to cry. Wisdom aplenty, and silliness galore, my grandfather was a great and powerful man who strengthened and enlightened all who had the honor of knowing him.

    He leaves behind his wife, two daughters, three grandchildren, four grandchildren, and a toy poodle named Buffy.

    Ladybug asked me to wake her when I got the call if she was asleep, so after dragging her up out of sleep and telling her, she said her silent goodbyes and told me she needed to get back to sleep so that she could dream about him.

    Grandpa is finally unbroken again, whole and hale. the transformation from broken body to whole spirit is a magnificent and beautiful thing to behold. I have never seen him so happy, healthy, and painless. Finally, he is free.

    We had the viewing this morning, and it was truly a beautiful thing. My grandmother was angry this morning, and this afternoon, she cried. It is good that she is allowing her grief to flow through her. The healing process has begun.

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    Lilidh d'Aine said...

    May the arms of the Gods reach out and hold your family during your time of grieving. I know the passing of a Grandparent can be both a blessing and painful experience. I hold each of you close to my heart...that you may find comfort and inner peace. I send extra comfort for LadyBug...I know what it is like to loose 2 Grandparents so close together...just as you are starting to come to terms with the first, a second passes. May she feel the extra love and support during this trying time for her. Love to you All hun...May their journeys be joyous and great! Lilidh