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    Thursday, March 22, 2007

    Long & Busy Day

    Keebler made the most wonderful salad for dinner tonight. Makes me long for the homegrown CNG greens we will be planting soon. Yum!

    We didn't get the rooftop prepared like we had planned this morning, but as they say, the best laid plans of mice and men... *chuckle* We're doing the moon sign gardening this year, as it couldn't hurt to have several hundred years of farming tradition behind us when trying for a higher rate of crop success than last year. *grin* The calendar says that tomorrow looks good for compost and the like, so i think making layered dirt in containers on the roof is similar enough.

    We ran some errands, got groceries, visited with several friends, bought a pan for the girls' crafts at a yard sale for fifty cents, picked up a somewhat broken (but usable) ladder from another friend, picked up both the homeschool travelling boxes and the household traveling boxes from the CRC group,met a new friend and gave her advice on her pond, did some troubleshooting on a neighbor's laptop and suggested solutions to her problem, and retrieved Ladybug from her father.

    Ladybug had a stress-induced breakdown on the way to finish our errands after picking her up. Likely it had a lot to do with trying to "stay strong" for her father, (who is somewhat mentally unstable) during the viewing and funeral. His fiancee' told me that during the funeral, she went to the bathroom to cry alone so as not to upset anyone else. *sigh* It saddens me to know that she felt she needed to grieve alone. She says she needs to spend more time with me because she loves me and she doesn't want to not have spent enough time with me before I die. She feels like that is what happened during the last years of Priscilla's life, and refuses to let it be that way again. What thoughts for one so young. She doesn't want to miss a moment. I understand that, and I'll be here for her every step of her life that she chooses to spend with me. Now to assure her of that so she feels secure again. I think this passing shook her more than others have, as Priscilla's death was not only her own passing, but also a bit of finality in Harold's passing before her, as they were always as one in Ladybug's mind.

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