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    Thursday, March 22, 2007

    Guerrillas Attack!

    What lovely spring weather we have been having lately. Perfect for a bit of late-night Guerrilla Gardening!

    A nearby apartment complex was saved a bit of their clean up cost from the ice storm when we dropped in for a bit of wood chip removal. We used the walnut shavings for levelling the ground under our might-be-a-swimming-pool-hot-tub-tilapia-pond-thing and help to make sure nothing grows there while we are here. We got to it just in time as well, as the very next morning, the crew was sweeping up what little we had left behind.

    For our next trick, we plan to relieve a local homeowner of some obviously unwanted leaf debris! We have already started the seedlings for our customary guerrilla planting projects.


    Richard said...

    Where have you been guerrilla gardening? Share what you've been up to at www.guerrillagardening.org, I'm always on the look out for new troops. Keep it up.

    Moosie said...

    your a weirdo. lol. let me know next time you do middle of the night fun stuff, everytime i join in in that stuff i have a blast.