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    Friday, March 09, 2007

    Healthy Migraines

    Make for unhappy people.

    I woke up in the middle of the night last night with a raging migraine and searing, stabbing agony in both ears, and the complete inability to walk due to severe vertigo. Thank the Gods for anesthetic octic solution and leftover Vicodin!

    Ear infection in both ears, blister on right eardrum. I am exceedingly dizzy and lightheaded. Spent all day at Mech's house waiting for the car to get fixed and goofing off on the laptop. I wasn't told that the repair would take all damned day long, so I didn't bring any snacks with me, which resulted in much whining from the little one, and my becoming a raging, evil low-blood-sugar fiend (used in place of harsher, more accurately descriptive language). The repairs still aren't done because we got there late and it was too dark by the time the finishing adjustments were ready to be applied. I would say there were unforeseen circumstances, but I'd be lying. Someone in this household felt their own personal daily enjoyment was more important than the car. Not that I'm mentioning names...

    I am displeased with the computer at the moment, as it is XP and I despise XP, but I won't have time to wipe the HD and reinstall a new OS until after the St. Patty's Day parade on the 17th, and I need the thing to be fully functional as I'm taking it with me to process CC orders on-site if necessary. Too much to do and not nearly enough time to do it all in as usual before a big event. *sigh*

    I need either a mouse to use with this thing or to find someone to reset my sensitivity preferences on the touch pad. I love touch pads, but this one sucks for image editing right now. *sigh* Tomorrow I bring the travel mouse with me.

    Today has been relatively awful, but on a positive note, I did manage to get a few small things done, and we have made a definitive plan of action for when we awaken, whether I am feeling good or not.


    lovelife said...

    sorry you are not doing well. i have been sick also. guess its going around.

    TheRambleman said...

    I'm SO sorry to hear about your migrained. Rain gets them too, but not NEARLY that bad :-( Hope you feel better today (Sat). Also sorry to hear that the car didn't get fixed, but hope you get it back today running like a champ! *HUGS*