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    Monday, March 26, 2007

    Grandfather Update

    Sorry I haven't written in a while, life has been pretty hectic. Lots of updates forthcoming, so keep an eye out, as I will likely be posting a few times a day for a bit here rather soon.

    My grandfather has been moved to a room of his own in the hospital for the dying process. The doctors were trying to give the family hope that he would live, I'm not sure why, but they were saying that he "was getting better" simply because his blood pressure was rising back to a reasonable level.

    Finally, on Sunday they revoked their "positive" prognosis, and told my family that grandfather's kidneys are failing because they can't handle all the infections he has endured and still has, and that it will likely be a slow process waiting for him to go.

    At least the doctors are being reasonable, even if the family isn't.

    The family is not being reasonable in the least. My aunt and her family don't want him to stop suffering for some odd reason. My grandmother not only doesn't want him gone so much that when he takes a huge breath in order to talk just so he can say "let me die" she ignores him, but also cares so little for her own health that wearing a gown, gloves and other protective gear, she kissed him on the mouth. *sigh* I know why she did it, and I would likely have done the same thing if Keebler was dying, but still, it is upsetting for the rest of the family that she is endangering herself. At least my mother saw her do it and called her doctor so we can get her on a preventative course of antibiotics. Hopefully she will be alright.

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