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    Monday, February 05, 2007


    This came in on one of my homesteading email lists, and I just had to share.

    USDA Announces An "Opt Out" Procedure For NAIS

    While I loved the article, I do have one response that the article did not supply. If a person registers their farm with the opt-out procedure, and NAIS does become manditory like we all know they are still planning, no matter what they SAY they are doing, then all of the opt-out paperwork goes right into the database, making it easier for them to send the enforcers to your farm.

    My mate also brings up the point that with the opt-out forms, there will now be two databases; those with the program, and those not "with it". He says "Which group are they going going to watch for subversive, freedom-loving behavior, that may be a "risk" to the government's plans currently and in the future?".

    Yeah. So not opting out. Not worth my paperwork, not worth my time. It's like volunteering to give them my information, and isn't that what we've been fighting against doing thus far? Sneaky sneaky. I ain't fooled.

    Thanks, but I'd rather just hide out here and not have the government know I have the idea of possibly obtaining livestock at all, ya know?

    Of course if they already know who and where you are, definitely go ahead and file now before they stop allowing it, just in case, just this once, they are being honest about something. *cough*BS*cough* Buit onl;y if they already have your number, KWIM?

    Just my 2 cents.

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