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    Sunday, February 04, 2007

    Meeceis & More

    We discovered last week that meecies had invaded the bunny barn. While it is no truly big deal unless we have kits in there, is is a concern since we plan on breeding, as the mice can and will eat the newborn babies if they can get to them.

    So my mother took me out to complete a bit of work yesterday, and I helped her with some sholling, where I bought a few things we needed, including some chocolate toffee rolls and mousie traps.

    We set the traps last night (all eight of them) and today we had one trap sprung with no mouse, and two mice dead in the traps. While we may have gotten them all, I'm not taking any chances, so we baited and reset the traps again this evening.

    Now don't you worry about those poor little mice, they died happy munching their favorite food; chocolate, and not even their little bodies will go to waste, as we will be giving them to a primitive friend of ours who will be making sure none of the usable parts go to waste. I have a feeling I will soon learn how to make a small sewing needle...

    In other news, Keebler did some laundry, I met up with an old acquaintance at the nearby laundry place, and we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of some items I purchased with my Amazon.com gift certificates that I get for being opinionated and not shy about it. I would be happier if I got paid cash so i could use those rewards to pay the bills and get ready for con, but what's a girl to do? *shrug*

    So I have to get the most necessary and useful toys we can from Amazon. Oh just look at me complaining that I am being forced to buy something non-necessary for the family. But seriously, it is somewhat of a battle for me to accept that I must, or not spend the gifts at all. I'm trying to get used to it, I swear! *chuckle*

    Work aplenty awaits me on the morrow, so I must say adieu and fade into my place of rest, anon.

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    Faith said...

    What kind of stuff did you get?
    Just curious, always fun waiting for the stuff to arrive!