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    Thursday, January 25, 2007

    Unschool Art Exhibit

    Third Annual Kids Unschool Art Exhibit
    Waverly House Gallery
    2031 S Waverly Springfield, MO

    This year and last, we encouraged Ladybug and Littlebit to participate in the Unschool art exhibit at the Waverly House gallery.

    Last year we went only to deliver the artwork, appear at the reception to view the other works, and pick up their art. The reception was much fun, but a bit crowded, so we decided this year to head in a few days early and view the upstairs exhibit in a more quiet atmosphere. We're really glad we did.

    There are some really great works this year. So good that the judge could not decide on best in show, so it was a tie!

    Littlebit had a white ribbon for participating next to her artwork, and Ladybug's art bore a red ribbon! This is only our second year at this, so I cannot be precisely sure until the ceremony, but there are only three colors of ribbon; white, red, and purple. Purple ribbons say "best in show" on them, and white ribbons are for participants. If my memory serves me right, and my logic is functioning properly, that means that Ladybug won first place in her age category with her piece! *cheer* We are so proud of them both!

    We were also excited to see that this year, the gallery has added a vase for voting on viewer's choice. We all voted as our hearts told us (not for our girls, or our friends, but for the art we honestly liked best)

    Come see our children's artwork on display in real commercial art gallery! Waverly House was showing the exhibit all this past week, as well as today until 5:30pm for those who want to drop in, and will have a reception for artists (our kids), friends and family on Friday, January 26 from 4:30 to 6:00 PM. Refreshments will be served and awards will go to all participants.

    Their website gives a good overview, but does no real justice to the actual gallery itself, I suggest everyone who can, go to visit this whimsical and relaxed gallery of fine arts, crafts, and sublime high-quality hand crafted home and garden goodies.

    I would have said something a little sooner, but I was a tad busy. *wink*


    TheRambleman said...

    Cool. Congrats to your kiddos! :-)

    lovelife said...

    very cool that both got ribbons. and happy you r doing such a cool job with your kids.