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    Thursday, January 25, 2007

    Day 14: Aqua Por Favor

    Yesterday (day 13) we discovered that both of the extra housemates have power to their homes!

    Unfortunately, we also learned that one person had their water main in his apartment complex bust, and my mother's landlord has scheduled for plumbers to come in, turn her water back on, and check for leaks, which we are unsure has been completed at this time. She has taken the children out to lunch and to check her house today, so we soon shall know. *smile*

    Update: Mother has her water back on! Yaaay! We plan for her to stay for a couple more days so she can take us all to the Gallery's award ceremony and open house tomorrow evening and help out here by bossing the girls into cleaning their room, which will be a big help towards my getting the house ready for inspection again after the guests all leave. When she leaves, she plans to take Ladybug (at least) with her to help her clean her own home in preparation for her inspection. Mayhaps we will surprise her and load all of her trash into her car for her and help her dump it. *smile* That would be a big help for her, as it is hard for her to lift that many heavy bags in succession.

    We also just found out that another family we adore finally has power back! We were all beginning to think that it might never happen. What a relief for us all to know that everything will indeed, be just fine. *smile*

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    TheRambleman said...

    Certainly glad to hear everyone has water now :-)