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    Saturday, January 20, 2007

    Day 9: Walking

    Walked to the grocery store today with the new wagon. Keebler pulled me most of the way, as he said I deserved the first ride in my new toy. *chuckle* It was quite the fun little journey. We used a lantern so we would be visible to traffic as the downed limbs made the sidewalks impossible to navigate (walked back streets to avoid massive puddle-splashes).

    I am amazed that more people haven't had their generators stolen. Walking back streets, we could hear them for over a block. Most blocks without power were completely deserted except for the houses boasting generators. One family, I was sorely tempted to walk up and knock on their door. They were using their generator to power a HUGE big screen TV (as in we saw this massive thing through the window on the second floor and it took up an entire wall huge). I wanted to knock on their door and ask them to please unplug the frivolity and use the blood of American soldiers and Iraqi citizens for only the most vital necessities. I didn't, but walked past, as their generator roared on.

    It felt good to get out and get some exercise.

    I have a lot of jobs to do in the next few days, and we still haven't gotten the car started. We'll see what we can get done on Monday as far as that goes.

    Six inches of snow predicted for this weekend. It was icing when we went to the store, and now it is a carpet of white with the light bouncing off of the clouds, making it strangely bright and peaceful.

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