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    Saturday, December 02, 2006

    Samplings & Freebies

    14 Day Sample of Nature made multi-vitamin

    Sample of Head & Shoulders intensive solutions shampoo

    Receive a free sample of Planters Salted Peanuts for completing a short survey.

    Free wine glass jewelery for completing a fun & short wine quiz.

    6 different Sesame Street items for free Just enter that you are a domestic customer.

    Samples of Tums and Os-cal

    Newlife skin care cream sample

    free makeup sample from Trish McEvoy

    Free spacecamp DVD, bracelet, and activity book

    Dead Sea Scrolls coffee mug for a small survey.

    One Montecristo SampleMust be 21 to participate.

    Uncle Harry's Toothpaste

    Eucerin redness relief cream

    Free sample Dove Ultimate Clear deodarant

    Free Santa letter to print out. Stamp Printouts are 2005, but letter is not dated.

    Real Energy Drink samples

    Heart Disease and Stroke Info and Freebies

    Super Smile toothpaste

    Printable and Crafted Ornaments (http://www.mycraftbook.com/craftidea.asp?craftID=383) Other numbered items (craftID=) 380, 376, 375, 373, 265, 263, 80, 257, 75, 216, 113, 217, 172, 170, and 219.

    MONISTAT® Soothing Care™ Chafing Relief Powder-Gel sample.

    Colgate toothpaste

    Get a FREE 4oz Sample of Mahatma Brown Rice

    FREE Sample Pack of TarGard Cigarette Filters.

    Tampax Pearl tampon sample.

    Personalized Labels from Your Favorite liqours.

    Sample of Gano Coffee

    Colon Pill Samples

    One of 8 available Russ® ornaments

    Skin care samples and catalog from Better Skin Today

    Free "Last Best Chance" DVD from HBO.

    Sample Of Estroven PMS And Coupon

    Martha Stewart Cookie Swap Planner(pdf)

    Playtex Tampons.

    More free toothpaste.

    Tel Santa. Invite family members or friends of any age to join in the fun of calling Santa’s toll free number and leaving a voicemail message for him and his elves. Everyone's recorded wishes are delivered to Santa - by email! You get your free personal wish list numbers, send them the invitation (you’ll get it in your email), and when each family member dials Santa's toll free number and leaves their list, you and your family will receive it by email. It's Easy! When your loved ones call the toll free number on their invitation they will hear a special greeting from Santa himself. They can call and add to or modify their list as many times as they want, and you will receive each individual voice recorded message in your (and any other email(s) you select) inbox.

    Make it it's own gift, and record messages to family and friends far away. When you receive the “list”, forward the message to them for a special holiday surprise!



    Heather said...

    Wow, cool. Awesome picture, too. Hey those Tampax Pearl's come in a 3 pack! They send 2 regular and 12 super.

    k.n. said...

    i LOVE free stuff

    Heather said...

    OOPS! That should have said TWO (2) Super, not 12!!! Anyone that can add could figure that out, though ;)

    courtney said...

    Thanks, I am very excited for the Trish McEvoy stuff!!!!!"