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    Friday, December 01, 2006

    The Ice, It Coats My World

    "Snowfall" is a 30x30" digital photograph.

    Etherial sheaths of frigid glass encase every blade of grass
    in my front yard.

    *giggle* okay, so I'm not a serious poet, and I don't really have a front yard. But the ice storm left a magical glistening world outside, and the snow has helped to cover any flaws. (and keep me out of the bunny barn, but that's another matter entirely)

    Today we get the sleds, our skates, and a couple of thermoses filled with hot drinks, and walk over to Jordan Valley ice park to sled until our noses fall off! Well, not literally, but still. *grin* Afterwards, there will be free ice skating, and a tired but happy walk home. At least that's the plan. *wink*


    lovelife said...

    cool I hope you have fun. Hope you get pic also.

    vugarcowboy said...

    Thanks for posting on my blog.The ice looks beautiful but the hole in my roof is not.also I have no electricity so I have to stay with the in-laws (thats so much fun).lolHope things are better where you are.

    The Maven said...

    Sounds lovely!

    Surprisingly we didn't get nearly enough snow for it to be any real use. And this is Canada - the capital, even! We normally get dumped on around this time of year.

    Hope you all enjoyed your day out in the snow :)