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    Monday, November 20, 2006

    Potluck Community Dinner

    Potluck Community Dinner
    Monday November 20, 2006
    7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

    This event repeats every week

    The Radish

    417 North Boonville, Springfield, MO
    Just north of The Square

    Every monday, there is a potluck community dinner at The Radish in Springfield, MO. It's great people, and good food. Bring a dish and an open mind.

    For more info, please visit The Radish. Scroll down to the bottom of their page for the link to the calendar and the other scheduled events.



    Sonia said...

    Sounds great! But, I'm in Mi.

    Marilyn N. said...

    CT, darn it!!!!! It does sound great!!! Have fun for me!

    moosie said...

    that is a really awsome pic! oh yeah and that thing you did with ladybug and redoing her pic, they had something like that on tyra today too. it really is starting to be known nationally. and this coming from a former model, saying all about the touchups and such. and they even had a girl on there that reminds me alot of me before i had kids. she thought she was too skinny and she couldnt gain weight. i think both is an equal problem if it gets out of hand, but you never see anyone talking about how to gain weight, its always about how to loose it. as a teenager i alwasy tried to gain and never could. i was always doing the exact opposite of what everyone else was doing to loose the weight.