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    Monday, November 20, 2006

    Fill in the Blanks

    Here're the highlights you've missed while I've been so busy these past couple of weeks.

    I left my purse somewhere three times, Ladybug lost her cellphone (anyone have a cell that's sim card compatible they want to give away?). We applied for and received the Thanksgiving food basket, got another copy of Ladybug's SS card, replaced the black ink cartridge in the printer, and went to a clothing bank to look for holiday gifts. We finally found a new home for the rattie girls, and while we were there I fell in love with the most adorable ruby-eyed cream rex boy(he looks like my Hidiki did at his age), but didn't get him.

    Ladybug's been really disrespectful lately, taking back, being rude, not listening... I am displeased to say the least, and I will revoke privileges if I have to in order to make my point.

    Littlebit fed the boys a couple of days ago and accidentally left the cage door open, which of course led to the boys running rampant in the living room. I'm a bit nervous at night in general (finishing projects, listening for the girls, etc) and Hearing things fall over didn't help matters much, as we couldn't see a culprit (this was before we discovered the escape). Let me tell you, there's nothing freakier than a little ratty nose and hand on your foot out of nowhere when you didn't know there were any out of the cage! Serious Eek factor there. Lucky for us, we spend a lot of time with the boys, so they came when they were called so that we could get them back into the cage again. Keebler thought it was cute that they all headed straight for "mommy" when they escaped. *smile* I kind of have to agree, it was really sweet to know how much I am loved by my little ratty boys. *smile*

    We verified that there is no way that I can retrieve the information that was on the crashed hard drive by myself, so we sent it off to be looked at by a friend.

    I had to call Paypal to get access to my account again, and, amazingly (from what I expected with all the bad press on the company), they got it right on only the second call! *smile* I may yet be able to go to all of the scheduled holiday events. We weren't sure about gas money, but now we'll just have to wait until we get it in my bank account to make sure. *smile* I'm all happy and hopeful now.


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    Andrea said...

    Firefly lost her phone again too. This time she left it in a toilet stall. We were lucky again and it had been turned in to the lost and found. I'm guessing third time will be the charm - maybe I should spring for the insurance.

    Anyway, have a happy turkey day and we hope to see you soon.