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    Wednesday, November 29, 2006

    11 Goals In My Post-Thanksgiving Agenda

    Ben over at Instigator Blog asks "What are your post-Thanksgiving goals?" for the post Thanksgiving goal writing project.

    Between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year;

    * I will recover all of my data from a hard drive I thought was dead and back up all the data, twice!

    * I will attempt to recover the data from my other previously-assumed defunct hard drive, as I now think there may still be hope for it.

    * I will continue to blog every day, even after NaBloPoMo is over, no matter how busy I get.

    * I will manage to get the holiday pictures taken, gifts made, and most everything delivered.

    * I will make the ArtFoodFun website into something that is at least functional and possible to make purchases from, even if my divatastic artist self recoils in horror at the way it looks. At least I'll finally have some form of functionality. After two years of nothing, working is a step I'll be happy for, no matter how ugly it is. *sigh*

    * I will spend more quality time with my children.

    * I will finish cleaning and organizing the closets.

    * I will breed the rabbits.

    * I will get the yarden clean and straightened out.

    * I will post two new recipes to the blog.

    * I will finish building the raised bed and fill it with leaves and compost.

    What are your goals before December 25th?



    lovelife said...

    my goals are to spend more time with my kids when the kids r at the house on weekends. Also get kate moved from Texas the Week of Yule. Get bed room set back up with all the stuff moved the last few weeks.

    TheRambleman said...

    "What are your goals before December 25th?"

    1) Continue blogging.
    2) Butcher several roosters
    3) Finish chicken yard by putting in a gate and a tarp over a portion of it for shade, rain, and snow protection.
    4) That's about it :-)


    Janet said...

    I quit smoking two weeks friday.
    That was the biggest and most important thing to me.

    Tracy said...


    I haven't really thought about stuff like this. Let's see, goals...

    1) I will maintain my A in one class, and strive to improve my B & C in my other classes.

    2) I will get my final project done in my A class BEFORE the due date.

    3) I will be mindful when selecting holiday gifts, and try for eco-friendly/charitable gifts where most appropriate. (no, I haven't even STARTED yet)

    4) I will finish the herb society newsletter tomorrow morning.

    5) I will send Da Boyz's Flat Travelers out tomorrow.

    6) I will schedule time to work on 'educational' things with Da Boyz.

    I think that's enough for now...

    buns and chou chou said...

    Hey Kid,

    Like Rabbits... Sarcasm? I see you aren't big on affluenza! You just might like Rabbit Bites. Check it out.


    Buns and Chou Chou