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    Friday, October 13, 2006

    So Secret Not Even The Activists Knew

    Something eerie to get you through the 13th...

    How long do you want ANY president in office?

    Over the past few years, two proposals have been introduced to the House of Representatives to amend the Consitution of the United States and repeal the 22nd amendment.

    The 22nd amendment was put place to limit the number of times a president could be in office to two terms.

    The first, HJRES 11 IH, was introduced on January 7, 2003 by Representative Serrano. On February 25, 2003 HJ 25 IH was introduced. These appear to be identical. The latter proposed amendment has 7 sponsors.

    Visit the link for more information http://www.mapcruzin.com/news/bush050703a.htm

    The powerful stride towards legalizing full dictatorship grows stronger by the hour.

    Will you stand aside and watch you country crumble?


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    Anonymous said...

    Lions and Tigers and Politics, OH MY!!