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    Saturday, October 14, 2006

    The Blair Cob

    Friday the 13th, 2006, a digital camera was found in the many acres of the popular Campbell's Maze Daze corn maze. The following soundless footage was recovered from the memory card.

    Ladybug took this film with her friend Firefly on our visit to the farm. I think it's a great first video for a 12yo! *grin* No corn was harmed in the making of this video.

    Seriously though, the car's battery decided not to work this morning, so we were given a ride to the event by a good friend. Despite my complete lack of excitement for the opportunity to get lost in a cornfield, have dust tossed in my face while I sat on a hay bale in a trailer behind a tractor, and get a tiny pumpkin to paint with cheap paint for $7 a person, we did end up having quite a bit of fun.

    It ended up that they had two corn mazes (one for smaller kids, and one for the bigger ones). They also had a really small wooden maze for toddlers, (which I thought was a cute touch), games, pony rides, snacks and drinks to buy, a giant inflatable jumpy-thing, and fresh apples. There were prize choices for the kids' participation in the corn maze game (coloring book, bubble gum, or decorative gourd). My kids both picked a gourd as their prize, both for different reasons. (Ladybug wants to save seeds, Littlebit wants to have it for dinner)

    And Everyone had a ton of fun on the tricycles. *laugh*

    In other news, we weren't able to go to the Fri 13th party this evening because of the broken car.



    TheRambleman said...

    Looks like a pretty good time, despite not being in the mood before you got there. *smile* As for the video, kind of weird. ;-)

    Andrea said...

    Eric is driving me crazy to cook his decorative gourd and serve it for dinner. I didn't think you could cook it, let alone eat it.

    I plan to glue some google eyes to it instead. Maybe we can dress it in a Barbie dress.