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    Tuesday, September 19, 2006

    Tears for Pearl

    Last evening we went over to Lovelife's house. It was great to see them, as usual. There was much chatting and happiness while Littlebit wandered off to play with the exceedingly tolerant cats, and Ladybug played with her knitting. (I wouldn't usually call it playing, but she wasn't knitting. It was more like she had the yarn and needles in her hands and was dragging them around on the floor trying to see how much cat fur wool could collect from a clean floor). Littlebit wandered back and forth several times checking in, begging for drinks and such, then she came in and her eyes were puffy, red, and wet.

    We asked her if she'd been crying.

    She said no.

    We asked her if the kitty had scratched her.

    She said no.

    We asked her if she was okay.

    She said no.

    Someone else asked her if the kitty had scratched her.

    She said yes.

    So I told her to rinse her face and hands with some cool water and come back in to us. (we all figured maybe she had had an allergic reaction to the cats, maybe. Sudden allergies have happened to other people *shrug*) The rest of the visit went allright with Lovelife making macrame' bracelets for the girls, and us making some lighting modifications for her videoblogging.

    We asked Littlebit where the kitten was.

    She said she was in the living room... Playing. (pause included)

    We chatted for a bit more and Lovelife fed the girls a snack before it was time to leave. We have the hardest time leaving their house when we get a chance to go over and visit, we have so much fun.

    When we actually did get up to leave, we smelled bleach on the way out. Seems Littlebit had decided it was a good idea to spray bleach that was in a squirt bottle on Lovelife's curtains. I'm thinking "At least it isn't too hard to find green drapes, I can get her some new ones". I talk to Littlebit (AGAIN) about touching things that are not hers without permission and about spraying things inside. She acts polite and somewhat subdued. She played (and argued) pretty hard, she was probably tired.

    After we got home, I'm getting the meals ready for the next day when the phone rings. Keebler says "Oh god no" and I stop what I'm doing to see what the matter is. It's Lovelife. The kitten wasn't playing, but she was in the livingroom. The kitten is dead. Littlebit killed her by spraying her down with bleach and then hid the body under a pillow so she wouldn't get caught.

    We went to tell Littlebit that the kitten was dead.

    She nodded, said the kitten tried to bite her.

    No tears, no nothing.

    Remember that last nerve from the other post?

    Yeah, me neither.

    I cracked. I became an instant "bad mommy". I started crying, screeching, and yelling. Littlebit was a bad girl, a horrible child, and a murderer. I told her between gritted teeth that she'd better stay in her room until morning, no argument allowed. Shaking and hyperventalating, I shut myself into my bedroom and rocked as the tears flowed.

    I WAS ENRAGED. It's what shock and devistation does to some people.

    After about an hour, Littlebit was asleep, and I was calmer. Still traumatized that I am harboring a murderer in my home, but calmer. Keebler and I talked about the situation. I cannot handle this type of behavior from someone in my house. We discuss getting a psychaitrist, and putting her in a mental facility for a while so she can get help.

    We peice together the evening into a more feasable rendition of what happened.

    Littlebit went to play with the kitten.

    The kitten was in a playful mood, and kittens play with claws and teeth.

    Littlebit had seen or heard somewhere about people spraying naughty cats.

    She saw the spray bottle and grabbed it, and sprayed the kitten. A bunch.

    The kitten died.

    She cried silently for a while, alone.

    We called her to check in.

    She quickly hid the kitten under a pillow on the couch in the living room.

    She came to our call.

    The red puffy eyes weren't allergies.

    I stayed up most of the night bawling over the senseless loss. Would have gone to work with nearly black circles under my eyes had it not been for the Snake Oil.

    That poor poor kitten. And Lovelife, who had just decided to give the little foster a forrever home in her heart. Knowing littlebit's predisposition for the excesses of a 5yo, the kitten was probably soaked with bleach and died quickly of fume inhalation. We can pray as much anyway. That she didn't suffer too much before she left this plane. (I asked her today, and Littlebit said that she did indeed spray her a lot. It will take her a while to get over this as well. She despairs deeply every time she thinks about what happened or remembers that the kitty is gone. I can only be thankful that she is so young and has such a short attention span. I don't want her to forget by any means, but constantly dwelling on the experience will do her no good either. Today she thought about Pearl about 15 times that I saw. She will never forget.)

    Pearl was a really good kitten. Affectionate and cuddly, she played gently even when her claws were extended. Tolerant to a fault, she would put up with being carried all over the house with no tushy support without complaint.

    Commonly found sleeping on electronics or people, with her hymalayan-colored fur sticking up at all angles, she was adorable and well loved. She even did a special little dance sometimes. The night she passed, she was playful and energetic. I didn't know her as well as I would have liked to, but all who met her fell in love instantly.

    She left behind several furry friends, Lovelife, Storm, and her kitty mother.

    Mayhaps she plays even now on the rainbow bridge with my Lafarga.

    Lovelife and Storm were kind enough to send me this picture and this link to a video introducing her to the world before she passed. May she live forever in our hearts, be remembered only with joy, and may the lessons she taught us in her short time here never be forgotten.

    We'll miss you baby girl.

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    lovelife said...

    Hi thank you so much for the post. I cryed but it was a good cry because you all cared so much to remember a pet that was not even yours.
    I know what happend was not done in spite or to hurt anyone. I do not have any hate in my heart for what happend. I have a small space that is empty but that will close in time.
    If at all I see that you all love us and care about us very much to do such a nice post about her and her short life.
    Thank you with all my heart.

    TheRambleman said...

    I'm so sorry to hear about Pearl. I hope Lovelife and Storm are doing okay.

    Anonymous said...

    What a heart-wrenching story.
    My thoughts are with you.
    Hugs are sent.

    Anonymous said...

    OMG poor Littlebit! That has to be so traumatizing for her little
    soul :'( ***big hugs for everyone***

    Homeschool Barefoot said...

    My care goes to all involved, what a terrible experience for Littlebit, Lovelight, the kitty & you / your family. Sadly this is one way children learn, and it is very true that a large majority of people squirt thier cats w/ a bottle of water. Most children her age would not know the difference of water & bleach. And as her sadness showed, she thouroughly regretted what occurred. My sadness goes to all of you.