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    Friday, September 15, 2006


    We worked a bit on the greenhouse (to keep some of the heat in, but didn't do it all), started building the new bunny cages (litter box training mandatory), and I attended a teleconference.

    I still have a TON to do, and I have paid work tomorrow (pay means it's mandatory and can't be put off for later) on top of it all. *happy sigh* It may be hard, but it's the life I've chosen, and I'm pretty pleased with it for the most part.

    I can only think that that thing up there is a honeyloupe. Part cantaloupe, part honeydew melon. It is green and orange, tastes like both on the different areas, and it grew in my garden from a plant I bought as a seedling. I can only assume that it is from saved seed from an accidental crosspollenation. Needless to say I save the seed from it as well. Let's see what we get next year! Muha ha ha ha!

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