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    Saturday, September 02, 2006

    Busy Days

    Yesterday we did the first of the month thing and pretended to go on a shopping spree. *laugh*

    The day started with my mother bringing back my children from a three day visit that was supposed to last only overnight, but, as usual, got extended. Of course (on my tight schedule) she HAD to talk to me for about 45 minutes about how she disapproves of (insert random thing here), and I got tired of it. I left the conversation, going back inside my house, and she sat in her car outside the apartment screaming at me through my open windows (it is so nice outside. *smile*) about not doing me "favors" by "taking the kids for a while sometimes" and so forth. Not only is she annoying, she's also (seemingly) trying to get me evicted due to noise complaints, or get the police called on my for a domestic disturbance. *sigh* Anyway, the day got much better from there. *grin*

    First we (Ladybug, Firefly, and I -Littlebit, Keebler, and Firefly's family played at the park-) went to the art museum and had a tour, as well as learned about silkscreening in the Andy Warhol exhibit. (it was a bit easier than I had thought, but not by a whole lot). The tour was supposed to be self-guided, but the folks at the museum had other plans. While it was nice to learn a tiny bit about silk-screening, being watched, followed, and herded, wasn't my idea of a great time. Add to that the whole (seemingly common problem) of the self-appointed guide giving as little information as possible and catering to what he thought was the lowest common denominator, and it was, again a pretty sad tour. However, when the guide wasn't looking, and we we escaped to the other areas of the museum alone, it was great fun. *grin* We talked about different methods of painting, different types of paint, and created new interests (not the least of which was the spontaneous, immediate need -by Ladybug and Firefly- to stop at a bench and draw something). The Museum is a nice place, and when allowed to roam on your own (children or no), it is a great experience. I'm really glad the other homeschooler set it up.

    Directly from there, we walked over to the park and had park day which was huge fun, even though the men "caught the gay" form the "queer cooties" that were masquerading as ants. *snicker* (See, the location for this park day was, in the 70's, a frequent cruising spot for homosexual males. It is very rare to find anyone "seeking partnership" in a park these days, even at night, but the park has never quite shed it's reputation, so the rumor pops up every few years or so. This most recent time, the rumor popped up in a discussion on a local homeschooling list, where, amongst other things, parents were concerned that their children might "encounter some activity or leavings thereof" in the bathrooms. Like I said, meaningless rumors, but it is fun to watch the conversation of the poor confused (and sometimes closedminded) folks on that particular list. Needless to say, when the men from our event started talking about a guys night out -with pool, darts, RPGs, or whatever- we started joking about how we brought our good straight men to the homo park, and now they're planning on leaving together! *mock shock* We couldn't resist making a little fun of close-mindedness.)

    At the park, we also saw Seho, a friend we used to know from WAY before we met Keebler. He has a little one of his own now, and it's good to see him happy and doing so well. *smile*

    Picked up some outgrown kids' clothes from Andrea after the park day, gave her some outgrown clothes of Ladybug's, and loaned her Littlebit's butterfly habitat.

    After all of the fun and happiness, we did a few of the first of the month chores, paid the bills, then went shopping. We bought the rest of the parts for Ladybug's school uniform -except for her tie and slacks- (for Hogwarts), a female mouse (optical, no balls), a fax/printer/scanner/copier combo unit, a new (exact copy) of our camera (so we can return the borrowed one and have a spare if the other one breaks again once it comes back from the repair place), a USB hub (that we returned today, as one came free with the new printer), and got some gas in the car.

    After our busy day, we decided to toxify ourselves with some good olde American coronary burgers, but the evil people in the drive through kept cutting me off and making sure I couldn't get into the que. *growl* I even went to the point of getting into the lane backwards and backing up to the car ahead of us in line so that the stupid female trying to take our spot couldn't get in. She still managed it, much to my horn-blaring and squealing tires, as we parked to go inside, but I still managed to get my food first, so HA on her and the other 5 cars who sped in front of us. Is this another example of being in a hurry to die (in two ways instead of the usual one)? I was seriously ticked off, obviously, but a time in the play area (where we asked why there were no balls in the ball pit and learned that public ball pits are anything but sanitary -kids potty in there eew!-) and a satisfied tummy (sometimes unhealthy is just what you need) made for a much happier mommy. *smile*

    Drove Dliwehtfollac to pick up his computer to bring it over here so that we could give him the money for it so that we could hold the machine for IA when she comes back over (she had already paid us for it), had a visit from Moose (who took some of the clothes we didn't want for her girls) and we gave our old fax machine to her. :D It was a busy day.

    Today began fine, but quickly dissolved into Keebler being a screaming harpie for most of the morning (until I got a supplement into him). We set out to buy the bunny food, then go to a friend's house for dinner. We dropped off to return the things that we had purchased unnecessarily, bought the necessities for the month, and spent so much time at the store (as well as getting out of the house late -again-) that the place that sells rabbit food was closed by the time we left the store. *sigh* Monday it is I guess.

    When we got home, I called our friend to see if we were still on for tonight, and realized (with her help) that I was a day off schedule and we are scheduled for dinner tomorrow. *blush* Now my throat feels scratchy and swollen, so I'm not sure about much. I'm hoping to be all better by the morrow so that we can go have some fun visiting.

    Keebler is currently having an aneurysm outside trying to stay ahead of the autumn winds to get the raised bed and the greenhouse up before first frost (which is scheduled for sometime in the next week or so from what we've heard). Littlebit's cutting of the clothesline hasn't helped his mood much either, but of course, he feels just fine, it's just that we are all out to purposely jump on his head and make him angry. *sigh*

    Update: Keeb is feeling much better now that the meatloaf is out of the oven. *chuckle* He's going to pop over to the store to get some milk to make mashed potatoes, and then it is time for dinner. Mayhaps he was just hungry-grumpy?


    Andrea said...

    I must tell you that upon seeing the clothes you gave her Firefly said, "I love hand-me-downs! They're always so beautiful." Sadly she will have to wait a bit to be beautiful in them as they are a little too big.

    I hope at least some of the clothes worked for Littlebit. I'll likely find more if I ever get through the laundry mountain.

    lovelife said...

    Hi so sorry about the mixup. never did get back with you after i left an offline message so i am the one who might of got day wrong. Any way sunday will be fun. hope you are doing better. see you all about 4 or so.

    TheRambleman said...

    Wowzers, I guess you WERE definitely busy! Glad the day ended much better than it started out. *hugs & cheers*